Established 2020 in Perth Western Australia - Flamin Candy was a big dream created in a small Girrawheen kitchen! My best friend and I always bonded over candles and melts and always used to talk about how amazing it would be to create our own. Lockdown hit Melbourne hard and we all need our families when times get tough! I took on the Nullarbor with my kitty Willow in the passenger seat and my life in the back of my SUV and made it home to Perth, leaving my life and my best friend behind.

Being apart was difficult but we kept our friendship alive with our love for candles and melts and lit candles to feel closer to each other despite being so far away. We loved to burn the same scents to feel like we were together!

Our favourite memories and scents kept our friendship strong and I decided I was tired of paying big money and it was time to see if I had what it took to create beautiful candles and melts - And so Flamin Candy was born.

Trailing and testing every scent known to man found me falling more in love with creating every day, and my best friend was there to support me every step of the way. My first and most loyal customer! Struggling with anxiety since I was very young I found pouring candles and creating beautiful products for my customers with strong scents & lingering aromas helped my mental health everyday and I cannot wait to share my products with you!